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If you write here others might read it! Please keep comments abstract. Maybe non sequiturs, or other stories that are triggered by what you read. But remember free, as in not constrained. RSS Feed what is XML?

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New York City
my new poem  topic
New here, just looking to post my work and mayb...  topic
Deot of homeland (in/out) security zany-verse  topic
She is transfigured now.  topic
Writers for Hire  topic
special  topic
can't stand him  topic
Avocados  review
Celestial, Behind A Note  topic
Help me!  topic
now me too  topic
page one born  topic
I Forgot  topic
tiny horn in E plays great, looks phallic, etc.  topic
Memories  topic
Black File 7001: In 1999, Lee Vin Bah became an...  topic
.  topic
full  topic
sugar beets and honey  topic
add if you want, or i will  topic
CreateDebate  review
Gibberish  topic
RIP Gary Gygax, Co-creator of Dungeons & Dragon...  topic
Re: Black File 7001: Support Lee Vin Bah, U.S. ...  review
finding nothing  topic

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